2. American Indian Community House

The American Indian Community House (AICH) aims to improve and promote the well-being of the American Indian Community in New York City and to increase the visibility of American Indian cultures in an urban setting. The AICH community comprises Native Americans from 72 different tribes and is located on Eldridge Street. The AICH was founded in 1969 by Native American volunteers and has for over five decades worked to foster intercultural understanding.

The Two-Spirit Indigenous People Association (TSIPA) was created as a task force to organize two-spirit community events for NYC’s historic WorldPride 2019. The AICH has been involved in protecting the city’s thriving two-spirit community, which consists of Native peoples who fulfill a traditional third-gender role in their cultures. The AICH also launched the Healthy Elders Network, which supports those living and aging with HIV. The organization also puts on frequent arts and community events.