8. Pearl Street and Cherry Street

Pearl Street in Manhattan

Pearl Street in Lower Manhattan was considered the Lenape shell heap, since at the time it was the eastern shoreline of the island. The Lenape would leave seashells in the area after likely eating the meat inside. About half of the world’s oysters around that time lived in New York Harbor, and one would definitely believe it given that these shells were piled several feet high. Pearl Street was eventually even paved with oyster shells.

A bit further north, also along the coastline, was Rechtanck Village, situated near Clinton and Montgomery Streets along the East River. Rechtanck was located by a freshwater pond and brook. Unfortunately, like the residents of modern-day Bowling Green, those in Rechtanck were also massacred by Kieft’s forces. Rechtanck was also located near Cherry Street, which is where the Lenape had their cherry orchard. Along Cherry Street, New York Edison Company found buried dugout canoes, likely from the time of the Lenape.