10. Hudson Heights features interesting subway stations and staircases

Subway entrance at 181st in Hudson Heights

The A subway station at Fort Washington Avenue and West 193rd Street is the only New York City subway entrance built in Gothic style. Although constructed as a brick building at first, the stone facade was later added to match the entrance to Fort Tryon Park across the way. It is also one of the city’s deepest subway stations.

The other subway entrance in the neighborhood, the 184th Street entrance of the 181st Street station on Overlook Terrace, seems to jut off into nothingness from the outside as a rogue stone structure with amber-colored doors. The 184th Street and Fort Washington Avenue entrance also has a unique character, with a carved sign reading “SUBWAY” and a patterned central archway.

Staircase from W 181 St. to Pinehurst

Since the area is called Hudson Heights, there are two notable staircases. One connects Overlook Terrace and Fort Washington Avenue, with nine stories of stairs, making it one of the longest outdoor staircases in the city. Another central feature of the area is a set of staircases running from Pinehurst Avenue to West 181 St., often used as a spot for photoshoots.

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