10. Caffe Reggio (est. 1927)

Exterior of Caffe Reggio in Greenwich Village

If the assortment of dark Renaissance-era oil paintings, statues, and stained-glass windows aren’t enough of an indication that this tiny coffee shop is a classic, just ask consult local historians. Their claim: the espresso machine that still stands tall in Reggio, imported from Italy in 1902, was the first in America and was the first cafe in the U.S. to serve cappuccino.

At the time, the store was a barbershop that served clients 10-cent cups of coffee. The original owner, Domenico Parisi, an Italian immigrant, saved up for 40 years in order to buy the $1,000 espresso machine and ship it over from Italy. Niso and Hilda Cavallacci bought Caffè Reggio in 1970 and today it’s run by their son.