10. Snoopy has made the most appearances in the Parade

The new astronaut Snoopy Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade balloon
Flying Ace Snoopy was introduced to the parade in 2006. Woodstock would be added in 2013. 

Snoopy holds the record for most balloon designs (seven) and most appearances in the Thanksgiving Day Parade at over 30. There has been Aviator Snoopy (1968), Astronaut Snoopy (1969: a tribute to Apollo 11), Ice Skating Snoopy (1987), Winter Snoopy with Woodstock (1988), Millennium Snoopy (1999), 75th Parade Snoopy (2001: an altercation to Millennium Snoopy), Flying Ace Snoopy (2006) and Snoopy with Woodstock (2013).

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