7. The Wythe Hotel has an art collection rivaling that of some galleries

The Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg

The Wythe Hotel — Williamsburg’s first hotel — opened in 2012 in a former cooperage on the waterfront and from the beginning it has celebrated the community of artists that has populated the area since the ’90s and early aughts. The iconic ‘Hotel’ sign on the building’s façade was made by local artist Tom Fruin, who’s best known for his colorful glass houses that glow from within. Enter the lobby and you’ll see a large-scale drawing by Duke Riley depicting historical elements of Williamsburg. Steve ESPO Powers contributed some murals on the hotel’s brick walls.

And that’s just the beginning — the Wythe Hotel’s art collection encompasses pieces by 60 artists, including hundreds of works on paper. Most of the works are displayed in the rooms for guests to enjoy, but there are also rotating exhibitions in the lobby and art in other public spaces, even the bathrooms. Join us for a virtual tour of the collection with the hotel’s art curator, Kimia Ferdowsi Kline, on December 8, 2021 at 12 p.m. The event is free for Untapped New York Insiders.