6. Yayoi Kusama once designed a Macy’s Parade balloon

A balloon technician holds a mini 3D printed model of Yayoi Kusama’s Love Flies Up to the Sky

At the 2019 ballooon inflation, we ran into Macy’s Balloon Technician Alan Gallagher, a.k.a. Moose, who was holding a 3D-printed model of the Yayoi Kusama balloon, which was about to be inflated right in front of us. The 3D models are used to make the pattern for the full size balloon. Each balloon is made up of several different pieces and chambers. Kusama is one of the long list of famous designers who have created balloons for the parade.

In 2011, the famous director Tim Burton designed a balloon featured in the parade that truly reflected the macabre creativity evident in his films. The balloon, called “B. Boy,” had a rather gruesome backstory. B.Boy was put together from rejected birthday party balloons left over from children’s parties at a hospital. Since he wasn’t allowed to play with other children, he went to his basement home and delved into the the world of his favorite film called The Red Balloon. Like the character in the film, he hoped that he’d be able to fly high and bring joy to a small child. B. Boy received a lot of attention on social media.