10. The Painters Project at Fremin Gallery

The Painters Project at Fremin Gallery
The Painters Project by Eric Ceccarini. Courtesy of the artist.

The Painters Project by Belgian artist Eric Ceccarini is an ongoing collection of collaborations with painters and models that has given birth to several distinctive photographs currently on display inside the Fremin Gallery. To create his work, Ceccarini invites models to become performing artists, with their bodies being used as a canvas. Both the photographer and painter work together to highlight the model’s persona and style. So far around 100 artistic meetings have taken place, but only a few have resulted in the creation of works of art.

For Ceccarini, The Painters Project has allowed him to explore unknown environments, experimenting with unusual shadows and highlights and an interactive canvas that is not only three-dimensional but also alive, breathing, and sentient. Each of the models’ poses and movements influence the design painted on them, forcing the body and art upon them to merge together as one. Visitors to the Fremin Gallery can view The Painters Project through January 8, 2022.