11. Far Side of the Moon in the Garment District

Far Side of the Moon installation
Far Side of the Moon. Courtesy of Hyewon Park.

Located in a street-level window on 215 W 38th Street is Far Side of the Moon, a large-scale photograph printed on fabric, captured by New York-based photographer Hyewon Park. The exhibit is presented as part of the Garment District Alliance’s Space for Public Art program. Far Side of the Moon features an image of one side of the moon with the silhouettes of three individuals reflected inside in the same way that the moon would be revealed if it were observed from its far side — as faces of an unknown world. The moon is surrounded by darkness, reflecting the endless and empty expanse of the universe. Simultaneously, light shines into the photograph through a telephoto lens. 

Park’s exhibit is part of a larger series of moon photographs that will be on display at the Kenektid X Gallery, located in the Garment District at 1206 Sixth Avenue in Suite 201, from December 10th to 18th. Far Side of the Moon will be on display until January 7, 2022.