2. There are Subtle Nods to the Vintage Stadium

For three summers starting in 2011, Madison Square Garden underwent a massive transformation. The $1 billion renovation included the addition of the bridge level that runs high above the event floor, a remodeled 7th Avenue entrance, a state-of-the-art scoreboard, new suites and food options, and other upgrades. Basically, everything in the building was given a facelift. There are, however, some spots where you can see the vintage past, including the 1968 South Corridor.

The corridor is so named because the walls, floors and lighting are all how they would have appeared in 1968. Vintage ads from the period for events at the arena line the corridor. The entry-level passageways are usually closed and used only by employees, but visitors do use the hallways to empty out from an event, so the next time you are leaving a concert or game, be sure to look around. Another nod to the 1968 Garden is the Blue Seats section in the upper balcony of the arena behind the Rangers goal; the light blue of this section matches the color all of the seats once were in 1968.