10. In Stitches at Port Authority

Artwork from In Stitches by Kevin Lustik.
Artwork from In Stitches by Kevin Lustik. Courtesy of the artist.

Located inside the Port Authority south building is artist Kevin Lustik’s needlepoint installation In Stitches. Lustik began his career as a quilter before moving on to original needlepoint and cross-stitch designs. 

Filling two large glass cases, In Stitches incorporates beads, buttons, thread, yarn, and needles to create various 3-D art pieces reflecting on the artist’s unique sense of humor. Prime examples from the installation include a 3D yellow and black cliff notes book for Shakespeare’s Hamlet made entirely from yarn and a stitched illustration of a parking meter whose time has expired. In Stitches can be viewed through January 2022. 

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