8. Building Things at Midnight Moment in Times Square

video still of Building Things in Times Square
Still by Tatyana Tenenbaum Courtesy of Times Square Arts

In January, Times Square Arts will present Building Things by artist duo Wood & Harrison, consisting of British artists John Wood and Paul Harrison. The tragi-comic film will be part of the Times Square Arts Midnight Moment series, airing across 80 electronic billboards throughout Times Square from 11:57 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. every day. 

Building Things features a series of vignettes that follow the descent of a camera down the side of a fictitious office building, offering glimpses into room after room where various scenes unfold. Ranging from the mundane to the absurd, each floor represents a typical office space, with the actions of every worker becoming increasingly non-administrative as the film progresses. Co-presented with the Cristin Tierney Gallery, Building Things pokes fun at the conventions of the office space and the routines of the workday, a particularly poignant topic as workers begin returning to their offices after months away.