2. Ear Inn (1817)

Ear Inn, one of the oldest bars in NYC

The Ear Inn has been housed by the ground level of a New York City landmark since the early 19th century, when it was a mere five feet from the Hudson River. The James Brown House, built in 1817 in what is now SoHo, was named after an aide to George Washington during the Revolutionary War who built the house after his success as a tobacco trader. It is constructed solely from wood post and Flemish brick.

One of the cheaper bars on this list, the Ear Inn got its name after its 1977 re-opening, prior to which it was known unofficially as “the Green Door.” Due to restrictions placed on changing the signs on a historical landmark, the owners had to paint over parts of the neon B in “BAR” in order to name it after the Ear (a music magazine that was published upstairs).