7. There’s a hidden hydroponic farm that supplies Michelin-starred restaurants

Farm One in Tribeca

Those rare herbs like sweet Thai basil and zaatar majoram beloved by New York’s Michelin-starred chefs are being grown to order at Farm.One, a hydroponic farm hidden below Atera. Thanks to LED lighting and a climate controlled environment, Farm.One grows 700 varieties of produce, micro-greens, herbs, mushrooms, and edible flowers year-round.

The farm uses sustainable practices like vertical farming, no pesticides, and almost no water. The team delivers items the same day they’re harvested to restaurants and individuals in Manhattan and Brooklyn. They use reusable containers and make deliveries by bike or subway, ensuring that deliveries have no carbon footprint. Though the farm originally catered exclusively to chefs, it now offers subscription boxes for individuals ranging from $6 per week for a 3.5 ounce box of mixed baby and micro-greens to $40 per week for six 3.5 ounce containers of baby and micro-greens, one box of herbs and flowers, and a surprise.