10. Café Lalo (You’ve Got Mail)

Café Lalo, where You've Got Mail was filmed

Propelled to prominence by its cameo in You’ve Got Mail starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, Café Lalo is a desert bar located on West 83rd Street between Broadway and Amsterdam avenues. The café’s European-style floor-to-ceiling front windows, along with its 70 different types of cake and cheesecake make it a very popular spot on the Upper West Side—especially given the cafe’s late night hours. Cafe Lalo is particularly popular with fans of the movie who want to visit the site of the memorable exchange between Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

However, as early as 2016, DNAinfo reported the café wasn’t doing well, and that the owner Haim Lalo said he may have to close due to bad business. The café’s woes have worsened by the pandemic. In December 2020, West Side Rag reported that it’s been closed for the duration of the pandemic. No word of when—or if—it will reopen.

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