9. Calvary Cemetery (Zoolander & The Godfather)

Calvary Cemetery, which has been featured in a few New York movies

The Calvary Cemetery located in Maspeth and Woodside, Queens, is one of the oldest cemeteries in the United States. The Old Calvary (the oldest section of the cemetery) was constructed in 1848. Since then nearly 3 million people have been buried there, including numerous famous, and infamous characters ranging from organized crime figures, to generals, and athletes.

This historic cemetery has been featured in a few New York movies, but is perhaps most prominent for hosting the funeral scene of Don Carleone in The Godfather (perhaps one of the greatest New York movies ever filmed). The towering tombs and monuments of the cemetery truly add a sobering element to the movie. Moreover, the cemetery was also used in a famous scene in the movie Zoolander.

The cemetery’s first inhabitant was Esther Ennis, who was said to have died of a “broken heart” on July 31st, 1848. By 1852, there were 50 burials a day, half of them poor Irish under the age of seven.