11. There is an abandoned greenhouse in front of Green-Wood Cemetery

abandoned greenhouse in front of Green-Wood cemetery

Green-Wood Cemetery, whose southwestern portion is located in Sunset Park, may be known for its catacombs, Gothic Revival entrance, and notable burials including Jean-Michel Basquiat. One perhaps lesser-known site in the cemetery is the Weir Greenhouse, located across the street from the main entrance in Sunset Park, which dates back to 1895. The greenhouse, made of glass, copper, iron, and wood, was designed by architect G. Curtis Gillespie. James Weir, Jr., a Brooklyn florist, built the greenhouse for his business of over 50 years, which he operated with his son and grandson.

The greenhouse is the only Victorian commercial greenhouse known to be extant in New York City, according to a New York City Landmarks Preservation report. The rectangular greenhouse features an octagonal cupola, above which is a sign that reads “WEIR.” The greenhouse had begun to fall into disarray after it was sold in 1971 to the McGovern family, but it was purchased four decades later in 2012 and has undergone major restoration efforts.

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