3. Mi Pequeño Chinantla is a taxidermy-filled Mexican eatery in the back of an unassuming grocery

Mi Pequeno Chinantla in Sunset Park

On Fifth Avenue right by the entrance to Sunset Park is Mi Pequeño Chinantla, a Mexican place that might be hard to find without directions. Avid New York foodies may remember Lhasa Fast Food in Jackson Heights, located in the back of a phone store. This Mexican spot is quite similar, located in the back of La Union Deli by a small door. The entrance at the back of the very narrow shop, though, is hard to miss after seeing a large taxidermied deer above the door.

Mi Pequeño Chinantla serves up authentic tamales, guisado, barbacoa, and picaditas (corn cakes with queso fresco and salsa). The menu is handwritten and changes daily, often not reflecting what’s written on the piece of oaktag. The food mirrors what is commonly eaten in the village of Chinantla in Puebla state in east-central Mexico. While there, make sure to check out the Mexican knickknacks and taxidermied animals, including a bobcat by the entrance.