5. Flatiron Building and Madison Square

Flatiron Building

In the second episode, Rachel and Neff, former best friends of Anna, meet next to Madison Square Park as news of Anna’s arraignment come out. Neff, who works at the 12 George Hotel (an obvious play on 11 Howard, the real hotel where Anna overstayed her welcome), still wants to support Anna. Rachel, who was conned by Anna, is incredulous and refuses to visit Anna at Rikers.

There is an establishing shot of the Flatiron Building which cuts down to street level. If you look closely, the street scene doesn’t make sense geographically — the backdrop is on a green screen. There would not be a cafe jutting in on the right side of the scene because in real life, Fifth Avenue is there. Then, you’ll see a bus that is intended to be a New York City MTA bus and has some of the accurate lettering and signage put on it, but the model of the bus is not one used in New York City.