2. The Exclusive Wooly Bar is A Kitchen During the Day

The Wooly-Secret Hidden Bar-Woolworth Building-NYC

Hidden on the first floor, The Wooly is the Woolworth’s exclusive bar and club, open only for special occasions, but it’s also a great example of 24/7 use. During the day, part of it is used as a kitchen. Obviously not part of Frank Woolworth’s original plans, the Wooly was opened by a brother-in-law duo with a personal collection of vintage items from all over the country. It’s one of the best hidden bars in New York City.

The space is decorated like the set of a Wes Anderson film, with shabby chic sofas, light sconces from the Plaza Hotel, old books, vintage suitcases, authentic period wallpaper, old radios, and original art, including a painting of a wooly mammoth by the mother of one of the owners. The Wooly is currently closed, but in the past has hosted parties for Rag & Bone, H&M, and many others.