10. Another Romp Through The IP at Midnight Moment in Times Square

Times Square at night
Times Square, where the Midnight Moment series takes place every night of the month.

During the month of March, Times Square Arts will present Cory Archangel’s Another Romp Through the IP. The vintage-themed video will be part of the Times Square Arts Midnight Moment series, airing across 90 billboards throughout Times Square every day from 11:57 p.m. to midnight. Produced in collaboration with the Lisson Gallery, Another Romp Through the IP features visuals derived from a combination of analog computer technologies and raw data. These visuals were created using a Sandin Image Processor, a modular patch programmable analog computer optimized for the manipulation of gray level information from multiple video inputs.

The title serves as a reference to a 1971 video of the same name made by the machine’s creator Dan Sandin. Through Another Romp Through the IP, Archangel highlights the rapid ability video games and modern software have to formulate new communities while also showcasing the speed of their obsolescence. 

“In our era of phones, screens, Zooms, etc, etc, I wondered what Times Square — the mountain top of today’s media landscape! — would look like if we rewound about 50 years and filled it with imagery made on an artist-built tool from the 70’s,” Archangel said. 

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