19. Particular Matter(s) at The Shed

The Shed at Hudson Yards

Beginning February 11, The Shed — a cultural center located in Hudson Yards — will present Tomás Saraceno’s interactive exhibition Particular Matter(s). At the center of the exhibition is Free the Air: How to hear the universe in a spider/web, a 95-foot-diameter installation that will fill the 17,000-square-foot McCourt space. Particular Matter(s) works to highlight how climate justice has been informed by the human and nonhuman lifeforms that are often disregarded. such as the air, spiders, and the webs they create. In addition, the exhibition brings heightened awareness to communities that have been unequally affected by environmental policies and practices. Visitors are invited to imagine a world that successfully overcomes the growing climate crisis. The exhibition will remain up through April 17, 2022.

For Emma Enderby, The Shed’s Curator-at-large: “At the center of Tomás Saraceno’s work is a new way of inhabiting and experiencing the world, one that centers on an ecologically post-fossil fuels future. Tomás presents the necessity to reevaluate how we perceive and operate in the world and what to expect from it, which he achieves through interconnected, non-hierarchical collaborations across the human and non-human. The air and the particles that define it, spiders and their webs, and our visitors are all protagonists in Particular Matter(s) at The Shed.”