4. The Infinite Land Of A Thousand Dances in the Garment District

The infinite land of a thousand dances
The Infinite Land of a Thousand Dances. Courtesy of Nell Breyer.

Through April 1, 2022, the Garment District Alliance will present Brooklyn-based artist Nell Breyer’s series of eight drawings titled The Infinite Land of a Thousand Dances. The exhibition is part of the Garment District Space for Public Art program, which over the past 17 years has produced more than 200 installations, exhibits, and performances. 

Located inside the Kaufman Arcade building, The Infinite Land of a Thousand Dances features drawings based on the hand motions of various Garment District artisans whom Breyer has spent the past several months carefully observing. Breyer’s pieces make reference to seminal works in dance, poetry, and visual art centering on the hand, including Hand Catching Lead by Richard Serra, Loops by Merce Cunningham, and Touch by Octavio Paz. The Infinite Land of a Thousand Dances seeks to document these artisans’ hands at work pressing, folding, threading, stitching, and pleating while simultaneously showcasing how each artisan’s small touches extend into larger scales of human movement and activity across the globe.