8. Kaleidoscope by Osvaldo Mariscotti at the Upsilon Gallery

Firenze, work of art in the Upsilon Gallery's inaugural exhibition
Firenze, a work of art in the Upsilon Gallery’s inaugural exhibition Kaleidoscope. Courtesy of Upsilon Gallery.

Upsilon Gallery’s new flagship location on the Upper East Side will present its inaugural exhibition Kaleidoscope. Created by artist Osvaldo Mariscotti, Kaleidoscope studies the symbol, both individually and as a group in the development of language. Mariscotti’s work embodies the most basic elements of Suprematist art, with that being the straight line and the square — placing increased emphasis on shapes produced by man as opposed to those found in nature.

Select pieces in the exhibition include Firenze, a 2021 oil and enamel canvas and a 2014 oil and enamel on wood painting entitled Infinity. Kaleidoscope will be on display through April 16, 2022.