11. Blintz Box

Ukrainian food at Blintz Box
Courtesy of Blintz Box

Blintz Box is one of the city’s newest Ukrainian places to eat with an American twist at the Turnstyle Underground Market by Columbus Circle. Blintz Box started out as “Taste of Ukraine,” appearing at food fairs in Long Island City, then Queens Night Market, then Urban Space markets. Their newest permanent location opened in December 2021.

Blintz Box specializes in both sweet and savory blintzes: sauteed steak, creamy mushrooms, and beer-battered cod on the savory side, and sweet cheese and peaches n cream on the sweet side. Savory blintz wraps pull from classic American fare, like their take on a Philadelphia cheesesteak. Vegan borscht appears alongside corn dogs and loaded fries as side dishes. The restaurant is accepting donations to UnitedHelpUkraine.org and ArmySOS.com.ua.