15. Varenyk House

One of the only Ukrainian places in Queens is Varenyk House, located in Ridgewood. The restaurant is owned by Stepan Rogulskyi, who immigrated to the U.S. in 2008. The small restaurant, which has been open for over a year, also features a small market with fresh meats, cold dishes, and produce.

Varenyk House features over 15 varieties of varenyky, including hard-to-find types like salty cheese, strawberry, and salmon. Main dishes include Ukrainian plov, cured pork knuckle, deruny (potato pancakes), and zapikanka (pork cutlet with potato and cheese). Starters include holodec (jellied pigs feet), Korean-style carrot salad, and meat croquettes. Many items are also available frozen, including their varenyky varieties. The restaurant has been active on social media in support of Ukraine.