4. Ukrainian East Village Restaurant inside Ukrainian National Home

Ukrainian Restaurant, one of several Ukrainian places in the East Village

Ukrainian East Village Restaurant is located in the back of the Ukrainian National Home at 140-142 Second Avenue in the East Village. The building, which dates back to 1830, has hosted the Stuyvesant Casino as well as a YMCA location when the area was known as Little Germany. The film Taras Shevchenko, named for a 19th-century Ukrainian nationalist, featured a performance at the building by the band New Order. The roof and much of the facade were destroyed in a 1984 fire.

Ukrainian East Village Restaurant is one of the most traditional Ukrainian places in NYC, with decor including Ukrainian paintings, plates, and clothing. Dishes include herring in wine sauce, fruit blintzes, halusky dumplings with sauerkraut, and chicken Kiev. The restaurant is helping boost a fundraiser to send humanitarian aid to Ukraine via Facebook. They are also serving Ukrainian borscht to honor heroes in Ukraine.