2. Aubrey Hall

Bridgerton filming locatinos at wrotham park
Photo: Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2022

A new location in the second season of Bridgerton is Aubrey Hall, the ancestral home of the Bridgerton family. This is where the Sharma family — Lady Mary Sharma, Miss Kate Sharma and Miss Edwina Sharma, are invited early before the “ton” arrive. A memorial scene involving a game called “Pall Mall” unfolds in the show. It is also where Anthony’s flashbacks about his father are set.

Aubrey Hall is filmed on location at Wrotham Park in South Mimms, Hertfordshire not far from London. One of its early owners, Admiral John Byng, was a source of inspiration for Voltaire’s novel Candide. Byng’s descendants still own the property. According to Bridgerton’s production designer, Will Hughes-Jones, “we couldn’t really build [Aubrey Hall] on a stage — and when it comes to filming on locations we generally only film in them for two or three
days. But because of it being the Bridgerton family seat, and because there’s so much interior to exterior, we were there for a long time. We’ve pushed the space toward a more homely, country feel, so there are a lot more tapestries, more wild flowers rather than the roses that we use in the town home. For the Pall Mall scene, one of our team members went to the Museum of London to research the game, and the actual rules are pretty
vague. So we decided that the Bridgertons play their own version of it.”