4. The Bridgerton and Featherington Houses

Bridgerton filming location rangers house in Bath

As it is with most productions, the locations where a lot of filming takes place is usually recreated on a set for flexibility. The interior of the Bridgerton and Featherington houses in London were all built on sets in the first season. As production designer Will Hughes-Jones said, “These are some of the biggest single rooms that I’ve ever built… Each Bridgerton and Featherington room had an individuality to it.” But in the second season Halton House and Hatfield House were used as the interior of the Bridgerton home in London.

Exterior wise, the Bridgerton house was filmed at the Ranger’s House in London, a museum that contains The Wernher Collection, a superb collection of art that includes the Madonna of the Pomegranate (Madonna della Melagrana) from Sandro Botticelli’s workshop.