2. Falaise (Guggenheim Estate)

Photograph Courtesy of The Sands Point Preserve Conservancy

Falaise, the third mansion on the Guggenheim Estate, was built by Daniel Guggenheim’s son Harry on the 90 acres of the estate presented to him by his father upon his marriage. The waterfront, 13th-century Norman-style manor is one of the few intact historic houses on the North Shore of Long Island. The house contains many distinctive features such as an enclosed cobblestone courtyard, mortared brick walls, and a round tower. The interior evokes a medieval atmosphere–thick wood beams across the ceiling, door with archways, and fireplace carved stone mantels.

In addition to the style of architecture, Harry and his wife Caroline adorned the house with various pieces of art from the Renaissance and medieval periods, such as paintings, sculptures, and woodcarvings. Many of the pieces of this quintessential Golden Coast mansion are on display during the guided tours that run from late May to late November.