2. Dios Proveedor Bakery

Dios Proveedor Bakery

What’s a morning adventure without a little sweetness? If the tres golpes isn’t doing enough to put a jolt in someone’s day, it’s time to find some coffee. When it comes to Washington Heights, bakeries are a go-to spot for some of the best cafė hits. On top of Dominican cakes, the Dios Proveedor Bakery serves cafė con leche: a Spanish and Latin American drink that’s one-part coffee and one-part scalded milk. However, if you ask Collins, he’ll tell you that it’s more sugar than anything.

When Rosa asked how much sugar Collins wanted in his cafė con leche, the actor told him “the appropriate amount” because he usually doesn’t add sugar to his coffee. As it turns out, the “appropriate” amount is much too sweet for Collins’ blood. He joked, “One ladle of sugar? Is that what I got?” So maybe skip the sugar if your sweet tooth isn’t as refined as Rosa’s. But according to Rosa, you might get side-eyed for that particular choice.