2. 77th Street Subway Station

Russian Doll filming locations 77th Street subway station
Photo courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Things start to get funny when Nadia re-enters the subway station at 77th Street. Suddenly the ads are different and people are smoking in the subway, dressed in early ’80s-style grunge. Nadia comments on the ad for the musical Cats, which premiered in October 1982 and the movie Sophie’s Choice starring Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline, which came out in 1982.

1982 subway car in Russian Doll
Photo courtesy of Netflix © 2022

“All right what is this? Some kind of like, uh, ’80s flash mob?” Finally, Nadia opens up the Village Voice (which has an advertisement for Tab soda in the back), and the scene cuts to the rest of the details on the subway, including a sign on “5 ways to get mugged.”

Nadia in 1982 subway
Photo courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Eagle eye New Yorkers will recognize that the 77th Street station shown in the show is not the real one, but rather the Church Avenue station in Brooklyn. Signage has been added to make it seem like 77th Street. This is because there are only a few stations that the MTA usually allows for film shoots — Church Avenue, frequently used on shows like Mr. Robot, and the Bowery station’s abandoned level, which then appears in the show as a stand-in for the platforms at Astor Place in Russian Doll. After Nadia exits the subway, she runs into someone from the Guardian Angels wearing the signature red beret, most recently seen in the public sphere atop New York City mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa.