3. St. Nicholas Carpatho Church

Maxine in Russian Doll filming locations
Photo courtesy of Netflix

In season two, we return to St. Nicholas Carpatho Church at 288 E 10th Street, where much of the action in season one took place. The brick building is at the corner of Tompkins Square Park, at the intersection of 8th Street and Avenue B., and is where Nadia’s friend Maxine lives.

The church is still in operation, and the interior is a set. In the show, it is said to be a former yeshiva, which could be similar to a building on the other side of Tompkins Square Park at 295 E. 8th Street, the former East Side Hebrew Institute, a Jewish Day School founded in 1910 and located here from 1928 to 1974. The decline of the neighborhood in the 1970s necessitated a move to Gramercy Park to maintain enrollment. The building was converted into condos and offices, and kudos to the scriptwriters for actually including dialogue that speaks to the history of the buildings in the area and making those true facts a key part of the storyline.