17. Global Positioning

Kwan Sheung Chi's "Dissected Map (Based on Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Airocean World)" at NYC bus stop
Kwan Sheung Chi’s “Dissected Map (Based on Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Airocean World).” Courtesy of Public Art Fund. Photo by Nicholas Knight.

Throughout New York City, Chicago, and Boston, the Public Art Fund will showcase the work of 20 intergenerational artists from 17 different countries on 320 JCDecaux bus shelters, illustrating how they have processed our turbulent times through humor, incisiveness, and hope. With artists from six continents including the Amazon rainforest in Columbia, the port city of Accra, Ghana, and Yangon, Myanmar, Global Positioning allows viewers to connect with the world beyond the United States.

Each work presented in the series reflects upon the meaning of individual existence, cultural identity, and interconnectedness, with a heightened awareness of the growing impact of climate change. Several pieces also tackle the relationship between Indigenous forms of knowledge and the popular culture of the modern world. Global Positioning will remain up through June 5, 2022.