4. Bird’s Eye View at Battery Park

Bird's eye view at Battery Park
Bird’s Eye View by Shuli Sadé. Courtesy of Sadé Studio 2022.

Bird’s Eye View by New York City-based artist Shuli Sadé is a virtual installation featuring photographs and original watercolor images of 30 species of birds that seek temporary or permanent refuge near Manhattan’s waterways through the Adobe Aero app.

Located in Battery Park City are 70 QR codes on 14 signs along the riverfront, which after being scanned with a smartphone camera present images of the birds and information on their migratory patterns. In addition, these signs provide information about the birds and carefully selected lines of poetry intended to draw parallels between the repetitive nature of bird sounds and the word’s syllables. The installation was inspired by the flight patterns of birds above the Hudson River and along Battery Park City’s gardens, working to bring more awareness to the environment in urban settings. Bird’s Eye View will be on display until November 2022.