7. BIRDLINK at Crotona Park

Birdlink at Crotona Park
BIRDLINK at Crotona Park. Photo by Anina Gerchick.

BIRDLINK is a scale-able replicable network of living habitat sculptures filled with meadows of native plants. These sculptures work to support migratory birds and the seeds they disperse, which help to maintain and expand the city’s ecosystem. Rather than simply being viewed as a symbol of the bird’s lost natural habitat, BIRDLINK inspires their recovery and alerts viewers to the challenges facing the world’s bird populations. In addition, the sculpture’s signage and online links aid the sculptures in serving as community gathering places for educators to research and teach about the city’s birds. 

Past iterations of BIRDLINK have been located at Sara D. Roosevelt Park, Marsha P. Johnson Park, and Governors Island. Currently, BIRDLINK is on display at Crotona Park in the Bronx through May 21, 2022. The next iteration of BIRDLINK is scheduled to include three prototypes varying in size, configuration, and planting palettes with a new location soon to be announced in conjunction with the New York City and State Department of Parks and Recreation.