11. The Transfiguration R.C. Church houses a replica of a Lithuanian roadside shrine

Lithuanian church

Transfiguration Roman Catholic Church on Clinton Avenue in Maspeth was established as a Lithuanian parish in 1908. The church originally served the large Lithuanian population in Maspeth and nearby Blissville. A new church structure was built in 1935, though the current modern building was erected in 1962. The current structure features many elements of Lithuanian folk art, including the phrase “Mano Namai Maldos Namai,” or “My house is a house of prayer,” above the central doors.

The building is triangular with dark blue windows, light green supports, and a statue of Christ. In the courtyard of the church sits a replica of a Lithuanian roadside shrine. The shrine, which resembles those found in Lithuania, also resembles a steeple in the main building. A mass is still held in Lithuanian usually once a month.