13. The building housing Grand Florist was once the Queens County Hotel

Grand Florist

The building now housing Grand Florist, located at Grand Avenue and Remsen Place, was once the Queens County Hotel. The hotel was built in 1851 along Grand Street, which at the time was a colonial road traversed by horsecars. The hotel was popular among farmers and tradesmen, who stopped for the night when transporting goods between Williamsburg and Queens. The florist inhabits the still-standing hotel, a three-story black structure right across the street from Mount Olivet Cemetery.

Farmers who stayed at the Queens County Hotel also stopped by Anton Fausner’s wheelwright and wagonmaker’s shop, which was located just south of the LIE. The shop was torn down in 2006 and later replaced by a bank. Later in the hotel’s history, visitors would shop at Wielback’s Grocery, a famous Maspeth supermarket.