22. Peppermint by Yvonne Shortt

Peppermint by Yvonne Shortt
Peppermint by Yvonne Shortt. Photo by Richard West.

Located in Forest Park is Peppermint, a whimsical sculpture inspired by the ever-present New York City dog poop pickup situation. To display this predicament, Peppermint features a sharply dressed woman in heels holding a leash, a dog, and a person wearing a poop patrol hat on their knees utilizing a magnifying glass to examine the ground below them. 

Peppermint was created by Yvonne Shortt, a visually impaired African American social practice installation artist whose work deals with the themes of disability, equality, community, and race. Shortt was inspired to create the sculpture by her adventures in Forest Park’s dog run with her Airedale terrier Peppermint. The sculpture intends to remind New Yorkers to clean up after their dogs and will be on display until June 11, 2022.