25. Faces of the Wild in Greenwich Village

Faces of the Wild
Faces of the Wild. Photo by Cayla Spatz.

Through July 31, 2022, international artists and conservationists Gillie and Marc Schattner will present Faces of the Wild as part of their #LoveTheLast series. At the moment, over 32,000 species listed on the IUCN are threatened by extinction with habitat loss, poaching, pollution, and climate change being the biggest threats to these creatures. Just as we love and care for our friends and family, Faces of the Wild seeks to inspire a love for wildlife in the face of the world’s slowly dissipating biodiversity.

Located in Greenwich Village’s Ruth Wittenberg Triangle, Faces of the Wild features nine six-foot-tall sculptures representing some of the world’s most endangered animals. These animals include the northern white rhino, chimpanzee, addax, western lowland gorilla, polar bear, red wolf, African forest elephant, hippopotamus, and lion. In addition, accompanying each sculpture is a QR code with information on conservation and an option to donate to Gillie and Marc’s partner charity World Wildlife Fund.