8. Peace, Love… and Humor at Anibal Aviles Playground

peace, love and humor at Anibal Aviles playground
Peace, Love… and Humor. Courtesy of the artist.

On view at Anibal Aviles Playground is Peace, Love.. and Humor, a series of cartoon illustrations by artist Felipe Galindo-Feggo. Over the years, Feggo has worked to create humorous art in a variety of mediums including cartoons, illustrations, animations, fine art, and public art.

Peace, Love.. and Humor draws inspiration from both New York City and cultures around the world. While the series “Taking Liberties” depicts famous historical figures enjoying the city, the focus of “Manhatitlan” is much broader, celebrating Mexican and American culture. Feggo’s artwork will be on display through June 28, 2022.