3. A PATH train holiday secret is visible once a year in the tunnels

Passenger entrance to the Hoboken PATH train.
Entering Hoboken PATH train station. NYC-bound passengers have a holiday surprise waiting. Photo courtesy Juan Cardenas..

Starting in the mid-20th century, PATH train staff managing the train switchboard directing tracks at the line’s centrally located Newport (formerly Pavonia/Newport) station began to celebrate the Christmas holiday season by placing a small, festive Christmas tree up along a dividing wall were the Hoboken-bound and Jersey City-bound tracks merge. Continuing today, around Thanksgiving time many a PATH train rider eagerly anticipates the arrival of the miniature lit Christmas tree, still secure in its location at the Newport PATH train station and visible to riders entering and leaving the station.

This tradition originated as a string of holiday lights along the Newport train station tunnel, evolving into the lit tree. After the 2001 WTC attacks in New York City, PATH engineers added a United States flag, backlit in the tunnel, in honor of the victims.