9. PATH train history is inextricably linked to these iconic architects

A construction site for Penn station in the early 1900s.
McKim, Mead & White’s NY Penn Station coming to life pre-1910. Library of Congress, Detroit Publishing Company Collection.

Famed early 20th century architects McKim, Mead and White were commissioned to build the original Penn Station on Manhattan’s West Side. Completed in 1910, the station lasted less than 50 years before being demolished. But did you know there’s another Penn station, completed by the same architects, just a few miles across the Hudson River.

Newark Penn Station, also commissioned by the Pennsylvania Railroad company and built by McKim, Mead and White, was finished in 1935. Still standing today, it was the iconic firm’s final major construction project. Many of the architectural flourishes and vaulted ceilings shared visual similarities with New York’s own Penn Station. Newark Penn station finally began to see renovations in the past few years, restoring it to its former glory.