Brand new tour dates have been added for the intrepid underground explorer to our Brooklyn Underground Subway Tour, the sister to our popular NYC Underground Subway tour across the East River! Led by Brooklyn subway aficionado Rayn Riel, bona-fide subway expert and licensed tour guide, our Untapped New York Secrets of Brooklyn Underground Subway tour is now open for brand new booking dates.

From uncovering pop culture highlights across the Brooklyn’s subway systems to identifying what abandoned stations still exist below the pavement, the Brooklyn Underground Subway Tour is open to an inquisitive public.

Nevins Street lower level

Brooklyn Underground Subway Tour

Brooklyn was connected to Manhattan’s IRT subway line just four years after the very first underground subway ride in 1908, so it is just as packed with hidden histories as the subway tracks across Lower and Midtown Manhattan. On this tour, architectural and design wonders confound the inquisitive visitor. Various lines spread underground throughout Brooklyn, including the IRT, BMT, and IND tracks, have abandoned stations hidden in plain sight.

Tour participants will also get to uncover the pop culture moments that have made the Brooklyn subway loom large in pop culture, including the station where Michael Jackson moonwalked his way into pop culture history. Attendees will also get the chance to experience the country’s busiest commuter railroad: the LIRR. You will learn and see how the New York City subway helped to connect and develop Brooklyn, New York’s most populous borough! (Note: this tour visits areas open to the public and does not access any restricted areas).

  • Nevins street platform
  • Atlantic Avenue platform
  • Nevins Street lower level
  • subway in Brooklyn
  • Smith 9th STreet
  • subway staircase
Nevins Street lower level

Brooklyn Underground Subway Tour

Our Brooklyn Underground Subway Tour will run throughout the summer. Get your tickets here!