Crowds at the NYC Pride parade

Pride month 2022 brings New York City its first full roster of celebrations since 2019, and the queer community could not be happier. With hot days and rooftop=ready nights, June 2022 looks set to host some incredible Pride-centric events, pop-ups and festivals. It’s no secret that LGBTQIA+ Pride month has its origins in New York City queer history, with the Stonewall riots occurring in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood in June 1969. The New York Police Department clashed with local Gay and Trans patrons of the famous Stonewall Inn bar on June 28, 1969, arresting patrons under the auspices of ‘…congregating in an establishment without a liquor license.’ Many members of the queer community, including Trans men and women, drag queens, lesbians and gender non-conforming people gathered over the next six days at the Stonewall Inn to protest the community’s treatment at the hands of police, and one year later, ‘Pride’ festivities began culminating in honor of the protests which began the June 28th prior.

While over the years Pride month has served as a source of joyous celebration, incidents of bigotry and hatred – such as the Orlando Pulse club shooting in 2016 – continue to serve as a stark reminder of the violence that the queer community continue to navigate. 2013 marked the first year that a sitting President, Barack Obama, directly referenced the Stonewall riots – mentioning this momentous incident in his inaugural address. Obama presided over the nation when same-sex marriage became legal in the United States in June 2015 as a result of enduring efforts by the queer community and allies to forge a path toward marriage equality. With the relative re-emergence of social events, performances and concerts post-pandemic, LGBTQIA+ happenings during Pride month offer something for everyone looking for a chance to celebrate Pride with joy and renewed vigor. Here, we cover some of the most intriguing Pride events of 2022 across New York City.

1. Visit the Giant Progress Pride Flag at Four Freedoms Park

dancers pose on progress pride flag stairs
Ballet Hispánico at the Progress Pride Flag. Photo by Steve Pisano courtesy Four Freedoms Park Conservancy.

For Pride 2022, Four Freedoms Park Conservancy (FFPC) holds the prestigious honor of featuring the largest Pride Progress flag visible in New York City during Pride 2022. The conservancy’s incredible Pride Progress flag far and wide from its East River location on Roosevelt island.

This year, the Ballet Hispánico has been invited to create space for performance in dialogue with the intersectionality of queer and Hispanic identity. Colorful, vibrant, and visible, the ballet and the park’s conservancy are joining forces for this exciting, monumental tribute to the beauty and joy of Pride month.