2. Hell Gate Bridge Was Once the Longest Steel Arch Bridge in the World

The Bayonne Bridge was inspired by the design of Hell Gate

The Hell Gate Bridge was the longest steel arch bridge in the world when it was dedicated in March 1917. While it’s not the most recognized span in New York City, it did serve as the design inspiration for the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, the Tyne Bridge in England and our very own Bayonne Bridge, which connects Staten Island and New Jersey.

According to Dave Frieder, the Bayonne Bridge uses suspender ropes to support the roadway, while the Sydney Harbour and the Hell Gate use I-beams due to the extreme “live loads” (traffic) they carry. The Bayonne Bridge has also had a significant design change when the roadway was raised from 151 feet to 215 feet to accommodate larger freight ships coming into the ports of New York and New Jersey.