2. Industry City has its very-own Japanese-themed food hall

Japan Village
Japan Village.

Opened in the spring of 2018, Japan Village is a 20,000-square-foot Japanese-themed marketplace right at the heart of Industry City. The marketplace centers itself around “omotenashi,” a Japanese approach that values hospitality, generosity, and mutual respect for guests. Japan Village is owned by Tony Yoshida (who created the East Village speakeasy Angel’s Share) and Takuya Yoshida, owners of the Michelin-star restaurant Kyo Ya and grocery store Sunrise Mart, which also has a branch in Japan Village. 

In addition to Sunrise Mart, Japan Village also hosts a food hall with ten restaurants serving classic Japanese cuisine such as miso soup, bento boxes, and karaage fried chicken. You can also try Yakisoba (pan-fried noodles) and Taiyaki (fish-shaped sweets filled with a red bean or chocolate paste). Upon opening, Japan Village became the city’s third single-cuisine-focused food hall, joining Flatiron’s Eataly and the French-focussed Le District in the Financial District. Besides the food-hall restaurants, Japan Village also contains Wakuwaku, an Izakaya or Japanese bar which typically serves an assortment of small inexpensive snacks like chicken skewers or edamame accompanied by alcoholic beverages. In addition to Wakuwaku, visitors to Industry City can also stop by Japan Village’s Kuraichi which sells Japanese spirits and sake. Besides Japan Village, other dining options at Industry City include the Belgium pastry shop Colson Patisserie and Ejen, a Korean-comfort food restaurant.