7. Peter Cooper Village was the development for military officers

75th Anniversary of StuyTown decoration
Both StuyTown and Peter Cooper Village are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year.

Meeting StuyTown at 20th Street, Peter Cooper Village extends to 23rd Street. Though the housing development is smaller than its neighbor, its apartments are larger. On average, each unit is 200 square feet larger and has 5-inch taller kitchens. When Metropolitan Life Insurance Company designed the housing complexes, these differences were intentional because of the veterans destined to live in each complex. While StuyTown was created for the soldiers, Peter Cooper Village was created for officers.

Today, rent prices remain similar between StuyTown and Peter Cooper Village. Residents of both housing developments feel as if they live in one community. Though Peter Cooper Village apartments may receive more sunlight due to their increased separation, residents of both communities can access outdoor amenities in both developments.