12. Forestation Syncopation at New Hyde Park Station

Forestation Syncopation by Sandy Litchfield.  Commissioned by MTA Arts & Design. Photos: Etienne Frossard.

Riders of the Long Island Rail Road can now marvel at Sandy Litchfield’s new permanent jewel-like glass art installation, Forestation Syncopation. The installation is on display at the New Hyde Park Station in two of its westbound and one of its eastbound platform shelters. Commissioned by MTA Arts & Design, Forestation Syncopation artwork, made by combining hand drawings, painting, and digital technologies, is displayed across 36 laminated glass panels. Each composition in the installation portrays a distinct view of a landscape impression, playing into the glimpses and flickers of sunlight commuters witness early in the morning and late at night after leaving work. 

Through Forestation Syncopation, Litchfield unveils the ways in which nature and built environments interact, directly connecting this to the urban townscape and natural scenery of New Hyde Park. To do so, the installation blends geometric and organic shapes together utilizing watercolor brimming with color and light to create horizontal abstract landscapes that are also conscious of the larger architectural structure they inhabit. Examples of this include the mingling of evergreens with streetlights and houses interspersed throughout leafy forest backgrounds.