6. Slipstream Times Square at Midnight Moment

Still from Slipstream Times Square by Nancy Baker Cahill. Photo courtesy of the artist and Times Square Arts.

Through the month of July, Times Square Arts presents its ‘Midnight Moment’ series titled Slipstream Times Square. The three-minute film was created by artist Nancy Baker Cahill, who is known for using analog and digital mediums to create artworks that explore themes of power, selfhood, and embodied consciousness. Slipstream Times Square centers around hybridity, utilizing graphite drawings torn into sculptures to form the video’s ever-shifting landscape. Audience members viewing Slipstream Times Square are encouraged to hold conversations discerning what is real, what is alive, and what we feel when digital and analog boundaries are blurred. 

For Baker, “Slipstream Times Square, like other videos in the series, dwells in the murky territories of consciousness but does so here multiplied, at scale, for a collective public audience. This artwork gestures toward the organic, as a simulated fiction of botanical and biomorphic forms. Spread across millions of LED nodes, It offers a familiar referent with no natural analog.”